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Слово Дня - disadvantage - невыгодное положение, неудобство, ущерб, причинять ущерб


An unfavorable circumstance or condition that reduces the chances of success or effectiveness.; Place in an unfavorable position in relation to someone or something else.; at a disadvantage; In an unfavorable position relative to someone or something else.; to one’s disadvantage; So as to cause harm to one’s interests or standing.


‘a major disadvantage is the limited nature of the data’
‘Better still, it helped him overcome a considerable spending disadvantage.’
‘A more serious potential disadvantage is that asset-based loan amounts will fall with a company’s fortunes.’
‘So, in that respect, the accused was not disadvantaged in terms of preparation time.’
‘In fact, absolutely no one will be financially disadvantaged as a result of Working for Families.’
‘stringent regulations have put farmers at a disadvantage’
‘This situation puts certain groups at a disadvantage in terms of education and civil service positions.’
‘They can force an advancing enemy to take an approach or position in which they are at a disadvantage.’
‘So in that sense they were at a disadvantage relative to the newcomers who were coming in.’
‘He cleverly chose a defensive position, putting the French force at a disadvantage.’
‘his poor record inevitably worked to his disadvantage’
‘But the world has changed to their disadvantage.’
‘But sometimes, there is no escape and resistance can be… well… to your disadvantage.’
‘If it has already been used to your disadvantage, you may be able to get a substantial sum in damages.’


невыгодное положение, неудобство, ущерб, причинять ущерб

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