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Слово Дня - diatribe - диатриба, обличительная речь, резкая обличительная речь


A forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.


‘a diatribe against the Roman Catholic Church’
‘His vitriolic diatribes were indeed difficult for those of us in attendance to stomach.’
‘They lived in a commune, dressed in black and sang ferocious punk rock diatribes against society’s values and institutions — not least Christianity.’
‘Luther’s vitriolic diatribes against the Jews are part of the history that leads to Kristallnacht.’
‘She finished off her diatribe by condemning the previous day’s protest by workers and farmers.’
‘His diatribes preserve the syntax of logical argument but are devoid of sense, which I think is symptomatic of a form of mental illness.’


диатриба, обличительная речь, резкая обличительная речь

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