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Слово Дня - deceive - обманывать, вводить в заблуждение, изменять, сбивать с толку


(of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.; (of a thing) give a mistaken impression.; Fail to admit to oneself that something is true.; Be sexually unfaithful to (one’s regular partner).


‘I didn’t intend to deceive people into thinking it was French champagne’
‘‘I was deceived by this person, and I want my money back,’ Mr Khudier said.’
‘The embattled minister refused to be drawn yesterday on accusations that he had deceived the public before the election when he insisted that no spending cuts were planned.’
‘The campaign, launched by the Office of Fair Trading, aims to draw attention to unscrupulous holiday clubs that deliberately deceive consumers and pressurise them into membership.’
‘For a moment, she had believed him… but she couldn’t let him deceive her again, it couldn’t be true — he didn’t love her.’
‘Is deceiving a patient about her true medical condition, in the interest of promoting an optimistic attitude, likely to increase her chances of recovery?’


обманывать, вводить в заблуждение, изменять, сбивать с толку

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