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Слово Дня - dearth - недостаток, нехватка, голод, нехватка продуктов


A scarcity or lack of something.


‘there is a dearth of evidence’
‘Yet there appears to be a dearth of qualified people who are both willing and able to step forward and provide better leadership.’
‘Some farmers are experiencing a dearth of grass and have released the dairy cows and beef cattle onto the silage fields.’
‘In contrast, many Canadian department stores have such a dearth of sales help that shoplifting is common.’
‘For far too long, talk radio in our area has had a dearth of intelligent commentators.’
‘We have recent history to show that there is a dearth of good investment managers in this government.’


недостаток, нехватка, голод, нехватка продуктов

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