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Слово Дня - conviviality - веселость, праздничное настроение


The quality of being friendly and lively; friendliness.


‘the conviviality of the evening’
‘Breaking bread together is communion, community, the conviviality of friendship.’
‘In his work on immediatism in particular, I see a kind of joy in ‘everyday life’ — the small acts of conviviality and sociability that make life worth living.’
‘I’m hoping to hook up with friends for dinner and conviviality.’
‘The celebration dinner at the Bear Hotel was the usual blend of conviviality, bonhomie and generosity that has characterised the club’s activities over the years.’
‘The criteria for the places you chose to feature in your guide are very different from those of traditional restaurant guides: artisanship, tradition, conviviality and sustainability.’


веселость, праздничное настроение

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