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Слово Дня - contradiction -


the act of saying something that is opposite or very different in meaning to something else; a difference or disagreement between two things which means that both cannot be true; a phrase that contains words which have very different or opposite meanings


  • No one was surprised by the defendant’s contradiction of the plaintiff’s accusations.
  • Her rebuttal contained many contradictions to my arguments.
  • I think I can say without fear of contradiction [=I can say with absolute certainty] that this year has been very successful for our company.
  • There have been some contradictions in his statements.
  • There is a contradiction between what he said yesterday and what he said today.
  • Her statements are mired in contradiction.
  • What he said yesterday is in direct contradiction to what he said today.
  • I think “working vacation” is a contradiction in terms.



  • противоречие, противоположность, расхождение, опровержение, антагонистичность
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