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Слово Дня - contingent - контингент, случай, условный, случайный, возможный


Subject to chance.; (of losses, liabilities, etc.) that can be anticipated to arise if a particular event occurs.; True by virtue of the way things in fact are and not by logical necessity.; Occurring or existing only if (certain circumstances) are the case; dependent on.; A group of people united by some common feature, forming part of a larger group.; A body of troops or police sent to join a larger force in an operation.


‘the contingent nature of the job’
‘That the emotions have a history implies that subjects are historically contingent and open to the possibility that they are hence culturally determined.’
‘As a rule, Leibniz emphasized the certainty of his metaphysical principles rather than the contingent nature of empirical knowledge.’
‘Unfortunately, little comment on the subject in political debate deals with these contingent matters.’
‘Such exploration calls for a theory of the subject as a contingent psychocultural construct implicated in the visual sign.’
‘The subject is a historically contingent effect, but to see ourselves as purely victims of historical and spatial imperatives is to limit our understanding of what it is to be human.’


контингент, случай, условный, случайный, возможный

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