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Слово Дня - contentious - спорный, сварливый, вздорный, придирчивый, любящий спорить


Causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.; Involving heated argument.; (of a person) given to arguing or provoking argument.; Relating to or involving differences between contending parties.


‘a contentious issue’
‘Of course controversies and contentious issues have emerged.’
‘Analogous battles over school finance issues will likely become just as contentious and prolonged.’
‘Lin suggested that the legislature could initially review only funds to control the epidemic and leave more contentious issues for further discussion.’
‘He said car use in the city centre was likely to be contentious, but that cars should not be banned — just used in moderation.’
‘Her request was made during a contentious debate about raising admissions standards at Nevada’s public institutions, which she opposes.’
‘a contentious politician haranguing a crowd’
‘The Greeks did not have the capacity to write philosophy, because they were a contentious people.’
‘I don’t like breaches and I am not a particularly contentious person at all, but if my back is against the wall I can certainly muster all my inner forces.’
‘There is nothing contentious or political about them.’
‘These were complex, troubled, frequently contentious people.’


спорный, сварливый, вздорный, придирчивый, любящий спорить

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