Слово Дня — contention

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Слово Дня - contention - заявление, спор, утверждение; содержание, содержимое, довольство; довольный, согласный


something (such as a belief, opinion, or idea) that is argued or stated; anger and disagreement; a situation in which you have a chance to win something that you are trying to win


  • It is her contention [=she believes and says] that the new law will only benefit the wealthy.
  • Evidence supports the contention [=claim] that the island was uninhabited before the 18th century.
  • There has been too much contention [=discord] in this family in recent years.
  • The main point of contention [=the point that is being argued over] is who has the rights to the land.


  • {имя существительное} — заявление, спор, утверждение
  • {имя существительное} — содержание, содержимое, довольство
  • {прилагательное} — довольный, согласный


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