Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - contemplate - созерцать, рассматривать, лицезреть, размышлять, намереваться, обдумывать


Look thoughtfully for a long time at.; Think about.; Think profoundly and at length; meditate.; Have in mind as a probable though not certain intention.


‘he sat on the carpet contemplating his image in the mirrors’
‘Completed in 1815, Friedrich’s image shows an inquiring lone figure withdrawn and contemplating the new world.’
‘Mr. Olivera paused for a moment — almost as though contemplating the situation, her voice ringing through his ears.’
‘The older woman seemed to be contemplating something, though she knew not what.’
‘He looked as though he was contemplating art, any minute he’d ask her whether grey-shaded or coloured images created a greater impact.’
‘No doubt they thought there would be benefits from contemplating the images of Mom, Her Son, and his tragic story.’
‘We are only now beginning to contemplate the real issues of being Independent and socially responsible for whatever happens here.’
‘he sat morosely contemplating’
‘I sat there contemplating when he asked me something.’


созерцать, рассматривать, лицезреть, размышлять, намереваться, обдумывать

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