Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - contagious - заразный, инфекционный, заразительный, контагиозный


able to be passed from one person or animal to another by touching; having a sickness that can be passed to someone else by touching; capable of being easily spread to others


  • extremely / highly contagious
  • contagious ward
  • contagious enthusiasm
  • communicable / contagious / infectious disease
  • contagious / infectious laughter
  • contagious laughter
  • contagious grin
  • contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
  • acute contagious conjunctivitis
  • contagious granular conjunctivitis
  • a contagious disease
  • It’s a highly contagious virus.
  • I have a cold and I’m still contagious.
  • I’m sick, but the doctor says I’m not contagious.
  • She has a contagious smile. [=her smile makes other people smile; her smile makes other people happy]
  • contagious enthusiasm/laughter
  • a contagiously enthusiastic person



заразный, инфекционный, заразительный

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