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Слово Дня - congregate - собирать, собираться, скопляться, собранный, коллективный


Gather into a crowd or mass.; Communal.


‘some 4000 demonstrators had congregated at a border point’
‘Every year police are called out to reports of children smashing windows, climbing on roofs or congregating on school sites.’
‘The crowd had congregated in the street during the evening and had been drinking outside due to the warm weather.’
‘There was a mass of people congregating around the fountain, all dressed in smart suits or dazzling gowns.’
‘Walking down the street on the Saturday, he noticed a large group of people congregating outside a hotel.’
‘As she neared the Village Square, she saw a crowd of people congregated there.’


собирать, собираться, скопляться, собранный, коллективный

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