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Слово Дня - clobber - колошматить, избить, избивать, одежда, тряпки


to hit (someone) very hard; to defeat (a person or team) very easily in a competition; to have a very bad effect on (someone or something)


  • if he does that I’ll clobber him!
  • Someone clobbered me from behind — found out it was Buddy.
  • If Mac ever learns of this, he is going to clobber me.
  • The football team clobbered their opponents 7 to 3.
  • I must go there decently clobbered.
  • I’ve got far too much clobber in my handbag.
  • Motorists caught driving without insurance will be clobbered.
  • We clobbered them in our last game.
  • He is heavily clobbered by the increase in selective employment tax.



  • колошматить, избить, избивать, одежда, тряпки
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