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Слово Дня - bucolic - буколический, сельский, буколика, буколический поэт


Relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.; A pastoral poem.


‘the church is lovely for its bucolic setting’
‘And while she admits there are few places on earth as serenely bucolic as England’s legendary academic enclave, she’s clearly pleased to be back home in one of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods.’
‘Lanning refuses to elaborate about the horrors he must have seen, but instead recounts the beauty he found in Paris and the bucolic countryside seen on his march to Germany.’
‘In three days’ time the bucolic town of Bunol will burst into life for its annual tomato-throwing frenzy as 30,000 fruit-wielding revellers paint the pueblo red for La Tomatina, one of Spain’s most exuberant fiestas.’
‘You portray the bucolic aspects of small-town life, and this idealized family, then slowly reveal the dark underside of such a life.’
‘Here the northern edge of the city peters out into bucolic countryside, and the municipality has big plans to develop a park for sports and recreation.’


буколический, сельский, буколика, буколический поэт

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