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Слово Дня - beneficiary - глава церковного прихода, феодальный вассал


A person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy.


‘He denied that he was connected with the trust or that he was a beneficiary of it.’
‘In the long term the newspaper itself is the beneficiary of a policy of free access.’
‘One beneficiary of the trust was Niels Bohr, the Danish atomic physicist who went on to win the Nobel prize.’
‘Every human being is the beneficiary of this trust, and is equally entitled to its use.’
‘The reformists treat the working class as passive beneficiaries of their policies.’
‘I am satisfied that the intended beneficiary did not receive the funds.’


глава церковного прихода, феодальный вассал; тот, кто пользуется благодеяниями

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