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Слово Дня - armistice - перемирие, прекращение огня, прекращение военных действий


An agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.


‘the Italian government signed an armistice with the Allies’
‘He was influential in promoting the armistice agreement for Angola and independence for East Timor from Indonesia.’
‘November 1918 was an armistice, but the war didn’t end officially until the peace treaty in June 1919.’
‘Lenin immediately asked the German High Command for an armistice, and in December both sides met to discuss peace terms at Brest-Litovsk.’
‘Pétain made the most of this emotion to restore order quickly and to secure peace through the armistice.’
‘North and South Korea remain in a state of armistice with no peace agreement signed at the end of the war.’


перемирие, прекращение огня, прекращение военных действий

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