Слово Дня — approval

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Слово Дня - approval - благоприятное мнение, одобрение


the belief that something or someone is good or acceptable; a good opinion of someone or something; permission to do something


  • children who never gained/won their parents’ approval
  • He nodded in full approval of their decision. [=he nodded to show that he agreed with their decision]
  • I hope that these arrangements meet with your approval. [=I hope that these arrangements are acceptable to you; I hope that you approve of these arrangements]
  • The governor’s approval rating with the voters is going up. [=a larger number of voters say that the governor is doing a good job]
  • Do I have your approval to make the changes?
  • The change is subject to the committee’s approval. [=the change must be approved by the committee]
  • The rally will be on May 19, provided the city gives its approval.
  • The company is seeking approval of the drug [=is seeking official permission to sell the drug] as a treatment for cancer.


  • {имя существительное} — благоприятное мнение, одобрение

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