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Слово Дня - antechamber - передняя


A small room leading to a main one.


  • The hatch opened into a small antechamber that led into the main hall.
  • Something like a polite cocktail party is taking place in a chintzy antechamber to the London Hilton’s Grand Ballroom.
  • She imagined silent antechambers, heavy with Oriental tapestries, lit by torches in lofty bronze sockets, with two tall footmen in knee-breeches sleeping in large arm-chairs, overcome by the heavy warmth of the stove.
  • A lone larger work hung in an antechamber.
  • antechamber compression ignition engine
  • antechamber die
  • antechamber system of injection
  • refrigerated antechamber


  • {имя существительное} — прихожая, передняя, вестибюль, предкамера, форкамера


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