Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - adulterate - фальсифицировать, подмешивать, фальсифицированный, внебрачный


Render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one.


‘the meat was ground fine and adulterated with potato flour’
‘The significant feature is that it is still the natural derivative of the plant, and, save exceptionally, it is not adulterated by the addition of any further substances.’
‘The rice stored in their school for the noon meal scheme was found to be adulterated with fine iron particles, urea, bits of mortar and what not.’
‘In Europe in the middle ages, even butter and bread were often adulterated, a practice by which inferior or even dangerous materials were added to the ingredient list.’
‘The authorities, especially, the health department, should take stringent action against those who are adulterating food.’
‘It is supposed to be extra pure, but some believe that it is often adulterated with much cheaper, commercial, hexane, which is not pure and contains various hazardous substances such as the toxic benzene.’


фальсифицировать, подмешивать, фальсифицированный, внебрачный

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