Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - acquaintance -


someone who is known but who is not a close friend; the state of knowing someone in a personal or social way; the state of knowing someone as an acquaintance


  • Is he an acquaintance of yours? [=have you met him?]
  • She ran into an old acquaintance at the grocery store.
  • My wife and I met through a mutual acquaintance. [=a friend introduced us to each other]
  • a casual acquaintance
  • friends and acquaintances
  • our family’s close acquaintance with our neighbors
  • It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. [=(less formally) it’s nice to meet you]
  • She made the acquaintance of [=she met] a man from the city.
  • She struck up an acquaintance with a man from the city.
  • a doctor of my acquaintance [=a doctor that I know]
  • He has more than a passing acquaintance with wine. [=he knows a lot about wine]
  • While he has some acquaintance with the subject, he is not an expert.
  • An acquaintanceship grew between the two men.



  • знакомство, ознакомление, знакомый
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