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Слово Дня - abasement - унижение, уничижение, понижение


The action or fact of abasing or being abased; humiliation or degradation.


  • Throughout history a doffed hat has symbolized defeat, humility and abasement before one’s betters.
  • I beg that someone will recognise my abasement and meet my very human but mutually exclusive needs.
  • She allows us to examine our own appetites for public abasement without feeling guilty.
  • It is not so much an abasement of self as an acknowledgment that one’s own way may not be the only or even the best way.
  • Welcome to the complete and total abasement of our Party.
  • Perhaps what takes Hamlet so much time in the play is that a ritual of abasement needs to performed.



  • унижение, уничижение, понижение
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